Recently, I've been doing some work on the Blister and Assault packs. Smoothing out small bugs and updating some textures here and there. I've also redone the build pics for most of the Space Marine side. I'm not sure if I've released the new MKII tanks before. If I haven't, enjoy!

I haven't finished everything but I thought I'd better upload the packs on the website before I head back to Uni (just in case I forget about WTA again). I'm thinking about adding or swapping 2 new units for each side, so keep a look out for them.

Don't forget to download the new version of the Blister and Assault pack!


Manic Reaper - manic_reaper@hotmail.com



Hello and welcome to the new Warhammer TA website!

Manic Reaper - manic_reaper@hotmail.com